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This section Jabo 1.7 Texture Packs.
These packs will NOT work with glide or rice plugins.
Jabo 1.7 Format Pack Downloads

AEROGAUGE - Jabo 1.7 Texture Pack (PNG) - v1.6 - Gent

This is a converted release from  (DX DDS - PNG) file Pack with upscaling, detail tuning and added text updates. It is for use with Jabo_Direct3D8 Video Plugin.

Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (JaboPack 2022)

In honor of the return of the "Mighty Jabo Tuxture Plugin", We have created this pack especialy for use with Jabo_Direct3D8 We hope you enjoy!

DX Texture Pack AEROGAUGE v1.5 - Gent

This was a  DX DDS file Pack to demonstrate Jabo Driect3D8 1.7's ability to load .dds (DX File Format) files. It is for use with Jabo_Direct3D8 Video Plugin.

Carnivale - Cenzo's Adventure (USA) (Prototype) - N64Tex

This pack was made exclusively for use with Jabo Direct3D8 1.7 Video Plugin. It was created with Jabo's Direct3D8 & Project64 Legacy 1.6.2 Alpha.

Djipi's: Super Mario 64 Cell shade V1.1

A prototype cel mod pack for Super Mario 64.

Gecko Lee's: Mario Kart (U) World Tour

Another made especially for Jabo video 1.7 beta plugin and is equally outstanding work.

Gecko Lee's: Super Smash Bro's (U) Mayhem

While made especially for Jabo video 1.7 beta plugin and is incomplete, Gecko Lee did manage to texture 6 of the levels before he stopped development, managing to finish Hyrule Castle, Donkey Kong Jungle, Peach’s Castle, Saffron City, Mushroom Kingdom and Kirby’s Dreamland.

HiperCambios: Pokemon Stadium 2 Remastered

(Waiting for Gallery Here)

This is mmade specifically for Jabo 1.7 Video Plugin. Experience the most epic battles of Pokemon Stadium 2 with incredible graphics and better finish in high definition.

• Incredible Battlefields
• Incredible Graphics
• Incredible Texts and Dialogues

We belive it to be unfinished though?

Kerber2k's: Goldeneye MPak v1.1

Created by Kerber2K exclusively back in 2006 for Jabo 1.7 beta Plugin, and remains one of the best Re-Texture Packs we have ever come across! So fantastic to have this back again after such a long time lost.

Kerber2k's: Mario Kart Pack v1.1

(Waiting for Gallery Here)
(Waiting for Description Here)

Kerber2k's: Mario Kart Pack v1.2

Waiting for (Gallery Here)
(Waiting for Description Here)

KMan's: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Hi-Rez

(Waiting for Gallery Here)
(Waiting for Description Here)

_pm_'s: Diddy Kong Racing Pack V1.1

Replacement pack for DKR.

Linkstian's: Road Rash 64 (U) Remastered Edition

In 2013 Linkstan set out to start the project and after some ups and downs managed to complete with a result that left him quite satisfied. The textures are made exclusivley for Jabo's plugin and 100% retextured!

Published on  February 3rd, 2024

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