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Welcome to n64textures.com
We are the internet's largest N64 high resolution texture archive.
After the dispatchment of a popular file sharing site, the need for
a place to archive highres N64 texture pack was now needed
more then ever before.This event, known for it's dark webpages, where more than
a few masterpieces were lost to a hopelessly undefeatable foe.
Some thought these archives lost forever.

Out of this turmoil one network arose fearless and free of those
evils that did cause the dismay of such a grand empire.
Offering a sanctuary to otherwise hopeless texture authors.
Arose as peace keepers to and protectors of all pirate free
works of art. By taking upon themselves an impossible task;
If you would like to have your project hosted please contact
NES_player4life or Gent
We will be more then glad to archive your pack.
When contacting please be sure to include your project's Name and the Author(s) name
of the project that you are submitting along with a brief Description and at least one
but not more then five Screenshots of your work.

Published on  January 9th, 2023

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